Commit 15629b03 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fix message when trying to shut down with a finished debugger

parent 04ad5619
......@@ -2744,21 +2744,35 @@ bool DebuggerListener::coreAboutToClose()
DebuggerPlugin *plugin = DebuggerPlugin::instance();
if (!plugin)
return true;
// FIXME: Iterate over all running debuggers.
// Ask to terminate the session.
bool cleanTermination = false;
switch (plugin->state()) {
case DebuggerNotReady:
return true;
case EngineSetupOk: // Most importantly, terminating a running
case EngineSetupFailed: // debuggee can cause problems.
case DebuggerFinished:
case InferiorUnrunnable:
return true;
case EngineSetupRequested:
case EngineSetupOk:
case EngineSetupFailed:
case InferiorSetupRequested:
case InferiorSetupFailed:
case EngineRunRequested:
case InferiorRunRequested:
case InferiorRunOk:
case InferiorStopRequested:
case InferiorStopOk:
case InferiorShutdownRequested:
case EngineShutdownRequested:
case InferiorShutdownOk:
cleanTermination = true;
case InferiorShutdownFailed:
case InferiorStopFailed:
case EngineRunFailed:
case InferiorRunFailed:
case EngineShutdownOk:
case EngineShutdownFailed:
return false;
const QString question = cleanTermination ?
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