Commit 16a1a265 authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller
parents a8c524d4 aeef46d9
......@@ -1389,9 +1389,7 @@ TargetInformation Qt4ProFileNode::targetInformation(const QString &fileName) con
QString Qt4ProFileNode::makefile() const
if (m_varValues[Makefile].isEmpty())
return QString();
return m_varValues[Makefile].first();
return singleVariableValue(Makefile);
QString Qt4ProFileNode::objectExtension() const
......@@ -1403,9 +1401,7 @@ QString Qt4ProFileNode::objectExtension() const
QString Qt4ProFileNode::objectsDirectory() const
if (m_varValues[ObjectsDir].isEmpty())
return QString();
return m_varValues[ObjectsDir].first();
return singleVariableValue(ObjectsDir);
QByteArray Qt4ProFileNode::cxxDefines() const
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