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Doc: indenting code in the list of topics related to coding

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......@@ -1560,6 +1560,9 @@
\o \l{Completing Code} describes how code and code snippets are
completed for elements, properties, an IDs.
\o \l{Indenting Code} describes how to specify indentation either
globally for all files or separately for: text, C++, or QML files.
\o \l{Finding and Replacing} describes the incremental search that
highlights the matching strings in the window while typing and the
advanced search that allows you to search from currently open
......@@ -1587,7 +1590,8 @@
\o \l{Configuring the Editor} describes how to change the text editor
options to suit your specific needs.
\o \l{Using FakeVim Mode} run the main editor in a manner similar to
\o \l{Using FakeVim Mode} describes how to run the main editor in a
manner similar to
the Vim editor.
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