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Added ChangeLog for Qt Creator 1.2.1

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The QtCreator 1.2 release is a bug fix release and updates translations.
Below is a list of relevant changes. You can find a complete list of changes
within the logs of Qt Creator's sources. Simply check it out from the public git
repository e.g.,
git clone git://
git log --pretty=oneline v1.2.0..v1.2.1
Building and Running
* Fixed crash when clicking on the Build Settings tab with an invalid Qt version.
* Fixed crash when removing an active .pro file outside Qt Creator.
* Fixed problem with GDB debugging after first debugging run
* Fixed display of debugging helper status in some cases
* Disallow starting CDB debugger more than once
* Additional debug output for the CDB debugger
* Make loading debugging helpers more reliable with GDB
* Fixed regression in QVariant dumper
* Removed QtGui dependency from debugging helpers
* Made it possible to build the debugging helpers for Qt 4.4 again
* Fixed Russian translation
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