Commit 18697127 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Qt4BuildConf.: Prevent creating BuildConfigurations with invalid Qts

parent c69c15dd
......@@ -650,8 +650,12 @@ void Qt4BuildConfigurationFactory::update()
QtVersionManager *vm = QtVersionManager::instance();
foreach (const QtVersion *version, vm->versions()) {
m_versions.insert(QString::fromLatin1(QT4_BC_ID_PREFIX) + QString::fromLatin1("Qt%1").arg(version->uniqueId()),
VersionInfo(tr("Using Qt Version \"%1\"").arg(version->displayName()), version->uniqueId()));
if (version->isValid()) {
QString key = QString::fromLatin1(QT4_BC_ID_PREFIX)
+ QString::fromLatin1("Qt%1").arg(version->uniqueId());
VersionInfo info(tr("Using Qt Version \"%1\"").arg(version->displayName()), version->uniqueId());
m_versions.insert(key, info);
emit availableCreationIdsChanged();
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