Commit 192bc912 authored by Primrose Mbanefo's avatar Primrose Mbanefo
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Ovi Store Wizard: Fixed a translation which was broken up in mid sentence.

parent 5c3596e9
......@@ -161,20 +161,20 @@ void S60PublishingSisSettingsPageOvi::localisedVendorNamesChanged()
QString pluralOrSingular = tr("is a default vendor name");
QString pluralOrSingular = tr("%1 is a default vendor name used for testing and development.").arg(wrongVendorNames.join(", "));
if (wrongVendorNames.count() > 1)
pluralOrSingular = tr("are default vendor names");
pluralOrSingular = tr("%1 are default vendor names used for testing and development.").arg(wrongVendorNames.join(", "));
tr("%1 %2 used for testing and development. <br>"
tr("%1 <br>"
"The Vendor_Name field cannot contain the name 'Nokia'. <br>"
"You are advised against using the default names 'Vendor' and 'Vendor-EN'. <br>"
"You should also not leave the entry blank. <br>"
"See <a href=\"\">"
"Packaging and Signing</a> for guidelines.<br>").arg(wrongVendorNames.join(", "), pluralOrSingular));
"Packaging and Signing</a> for guidelines.<br>").arg(pluralOrSingular));
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