Commit 1992d0f2 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Squish: Improve tst_CSUP02

Change-Id: I6ddafab93381a3ee82c581299175d18dcad55a1b
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 630552f9
......@@ -61,25 +61,25 @@ def main():
type(editorWidget, "<Meta+Space>")
type(editorWidget, "<Ctrl+Space>")
type(waitForObject(":popupFrame_Proposal_QListView"), "<Down>")
if current == "Clang":
# different order with Clang code model
type(waitForObject(":popupFrame_Proposal_QListView"), "<Down>")
listView = waitForObject(":popupFrame_Proposal_QListView")"class derived from QObject", str(listView.model().data(listView.currentIndex())),
"Verifying selecting the correct entry.")
type(waitForObject(":popupFrame_Proposal_QListView"), "<Return>")
test.verify(str(editorWidget.plainText).startswith("class name : public QObject"),
"Steps 3&4: Verifying if: The list of suggestions is opened. It is "
"possible to select one of the suggestions. Code with several "
"variables is inserted.")
shownProposals = dumpItems(listView.model())
usedProposal = "class derived from QObject"
expectedProposals = ["class", "class ", "class template",
usedProposal, "class derived from QWidget"], len(expectedProposals), "Number of proposed templates"), set(expectedProposals),
"Expected proposals shown, ignoring order?")
doubleClickItem(listView, usedProposal, 5, 5, 0, Qt.LeftButton)
pattern = ("(?<=class)\s+name\s*:\s*public\s+QObject\s*\{\s*Q_OBJECT\s+"
test.verify(, str(editorWidget.plainText)),
"Code with several variables is inserted?")
# Step 5: Press Tab to move between the variables and specify values for them. For example write "Myname" for variable "name".
type(editorWidget, "<Tab>")
type(editorWidget, "<Tab>")
type(editorWidget, "<Tab>")
type(editorWidget, "Myname")
pattern = "(?<=class)\s+Myname\s*:\s*public\s+QObject\s*\{\s*Q_OBJECT\s+public:\s+Myname\(\)\s*\{\}\s+virtual\s+~Myname\(\)\s*\{\}\s+\};"
result =, str(editorWidget.plainText))
result ="name", "Myname"), str(editorWidget.plainText))
if result:
test.passes("Step 5: Verifying if: A value for a variable is inserted and all "
"instances of the variable within the snippet are renamed.")
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