Commit 1a772601 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fix auto text for QStringList in QVariant;

parent 9b34946f
......@@ -2236,12 +2236,11 @@ void tst_Debugger::dumpQVariant_QString()
void tst_Debugger::dumpQVariant_QStringList()
QVariant v = QStringList() << "Hi";
return; // FIXME
testDumper("value='(QStringList) ',type='$T',"
QVariant v = QStringList() << "Hi";
testDumper("value='(QStringList) ',type='$T',numchild='1',"
<< QByteArray::number(quintptr(&v)),
&v, NS"QVariant", true);
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