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i18n: Update README, adding hint for gradient editor.

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......@@ -8,8 +8,7 @@ How To add translations to Qt Creator
country-specific variants.
Skip this step if updating an existing translation, obviously.
- Run "make ts". This will complain if you are not building against
Qt 4.6 (or the master branch which will become it).
- Run "make ts".
If your Qt version is too old, you may create a template by running
lconvert --drop-translations qtcreator_de.ts -o qtcreator_<yours>.ts
......@@ -21,8 +20,6 @@ How To add translations to Qt Creator
You may also request an up-to-date template from us.
The remaining steps do *not* require Qt 4.6 in any case.
- Fire up linguist and do the translation.
- Check in the modified .pro file and _only_ your .ts file.
......@@ -30,3 +27,16 @@ How To add translations to Qt Creator
- Make a merge request on gitorious.
- .qm files are generated as part of the regular build.
Note: QmlDesigner contains code from the Gradient Editor of Qt Designer.
If an official translation of Qt for your language exists, you can
re-use the translation of those messages by merging Qt Creator's and
Qt Designer's translation using lconvert:
lconvert qtcreator_<LANG>.ts $QTDIR/translations/designer_<LANG>.ts > temp.ts
Move the temporary file back to qtcreator_<LANG>.ts, complete the
Gradient Editor's translations and update the file, passing the
additional option -noobsolete to lupdate (by temporarily modifying This will remove the now redundant messages originating
from Qt Designer.
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