Commit 1c303fc8 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fix dumper output of QLocale::timeFormat()

parent e253896b
......@@ -491,9 +491,9 @@ def qdump__QLocale(d, item):
d.putCallItem("measurementSystem", item, "measurementSystem()")
d.putCallItem("numberOptions", item, "numberOptions()")
d.putCallItem("timeFormat_(short)", item,
"timeFormat(" + d.ns + "QLocale::ShortFormat)")
"timeFormat('" + d.ns + "QLocale::ShortFormat')")
d.putCallItem("timeFormat_(long)", item,
"timeFormat(" + d.ns + "QLocale::LongFormat)")
"timeFormat('" + d.ns + "QLocale::LongFormat')")
d.putCallItem("decimalPoint", item, "decimalPoint()")
d.putCallItem("exponential", item, "exponential()")
d.putCallItem("percent", item, "percent()")
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