Commit 1dab2383 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: add some comment on 'set target-async' weirdness

parent 571d40a6
......@@ -184,6 +184,20 @@ void RemoteGdbServerAdapter::setupInferior()
if (!args.isEmpty())
m_engine->postCommand("-exec-arguments " + args.toLocal8Bit());
// This has to be issued before 'target remote'. On pre-7.0 the
// command is not present and will result in ' No symbol table is
// loaded. Use the "file" command.' as gdb tries to set the
// value of a variable with name 'target-async'.
// Testing with -list-target-features which was introduced at
// the same time would not work either, as this need an existing
// target.
// Using it even without a target and having it fail might still
// be better as:
// Some external comment: '[but] "set target-async on" with a native
// windows gdb will work, but then fail when you actually do
// "run"/"attach", I think..
m_engine->postCommand("set target-async on", CB(handleSetTargetAsync));
if (fileName.isEmpty()) {
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