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The non-Python versions use the compiled version of the debugging helpers,
that you must enable separately. For more information, see
\l{Debugging Helper Library with C++}.
\l{Debugging Helpers Based on C++}.
The Python version uses a script version of the debugging helpers
that does not need any special setup.
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with Qt Creator, but they enhance the user's ability to quickly
examine complex data significantly.
\section1 Debugging Helpers based on C++
\section1 Debugging Helpers Based on C++
This is the first and original approach to display complex data
types. While it has been superseded on most platforms by the more
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library is built for each Qt version.
\section1 Debugging Helpers based on Python
\section1 Debugging Helpers Based on Python
On platforms featuring a Python-enabled version of the gdb debugger,
the data extraction is done by a Python script. This is more robust
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