Commit 2111e986 authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint Committed by hjk

Use LLDB in messages.

Change-Id: I66bcd9ecad81307b1d6a015003500836e58e4e83
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 949fb733
......@@ -826,7 +826,7 @@ QString LldbEngine::errorMessage(QProcess::ProcessError error) const
return tr("An error occurred when attempting to read from "
"the Lldb process. For example, the process may not be running.");
return tr("An unknown error in the Lldb process occurred.") + QLatin1Char(' ');
return tr("An unknown error in the LLDB process occurred.") + QLatin1Char(' ');
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