Commit 2117d6af authored by Alessandro Portale's avatar Alessandro Portale
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Compile fix for MSVC

Reviewed-by: default avatarRoberto Raggi <>

	modified:   src/libs/qmljs/qmljsinterpreter.cpp
parent 0567adbc
......@@ -1916,7 +1916,7 @@ QmlObjectValue *Engine::newQmlObject(const QString &name, const QString &prefix,
ASTObjectValue::ASTObjectValue(UiQualifiedId *typeName,
UiObjectInitializer *initializer,
const Document *doc,
const QmlJS::Document *doc,
Engine *engine)
: ObjectValue(engine), _typeName(typeName), _initializer(initializer), _doc(doc)
......@@ -2038,7 +2038,7 @@ const Value *QmlPrototypeReference::value(Context *context) const
return context->lookupType(_doc, _qmlTypeName);
ASTPropertyReference::ASTPropertyReference(AST::UiPublicMember *ast, const Document *doc, Engine *engine)
ASTPropertyReference::ASTPropertyReference(UiPublicMember *ast, const QmlJS::Document *doc, Engine *engine)
: Reference(engine), _ast(ast), _doc(doc)
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