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variables as complete words are better

Change-Id: If433c621466f2e1160a016d2b7b2539e4dc8b3d6
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 0c9531f3
......@@ -336,30 +336,29 @@ static QString which(const QString &path, const QString &cmd)
return QString();
bool performExec(const QString &cmd, const QStringList &args, const QString &workingDir,
const Utils::Environment &env, int timeout)
bool performExec(const QString &command, const QStringList &argumentList, const QString &workingDirectory,
const Utils::Environment &environment, int timeout)
QString runCmd;
if (!QDir::toNativeSeparators(cmd).contains(QDir::separator())) {
if (env.hasKey(QLatin1String("PATH")))
runCmd = which(env.value(QLatin1String("PATH")), cmd);
} else if (QFileInfo(cmd).exists()) {
runCmd = cmd;
if (!QDir::toNativeSeparators(command).contains(QDir::separator())) {
if (environment.hasKey(QLatin1String("PATH")))
runCmd = which(environment.value(QLatin1String("PATH")), command);
} else if (QFileInfo(command).exists()) {
runCmd = command;
if (runCmd.isEmpty()) {
QObject::tr("*** Could not find command '%1' ***").arg(cmd)));
QObject::tr("*** Could not find command '%1' ***").arg(command)));
return false;
QTime executionTimer;
if (args.count()) {
m_runner->start(runCmd, args);
if (argumentList.count()) {
m_runner->start(runCmd, argumentList);
} else {
......@@ -413,18 +412,18 @@ void performTestRun(QFutureInterface<void> &future, const QList<TestConfiguratio
foreach (const TestConfiguration *tc, selectedTests) {
if (future.isCanceled())
QString cmd = tc->targetFile();
QString workDir = tc->workingDirectory();
QStringList args;
Utils::Environment env = tc->environment();
QString command = tc->targetFile();
QString workingDirectory = tc->workingDirectory();
QStringList argumentList;
Utils::Environment environment = tc->environment();
args << QLatin1String("-xml");
argumentList << QLatin1String("-xml");
if (!metricsOption.isEmpty())
args << metricsOption;
argumentList << metricsOption;
if (tc->testCases().count())
args << tc->testCases();
argumentList << tc->testCases();
performExec(cmd, args, workDir, env, timeout);
performExec(command, argumentList, workingDirectory, environment, timeout);
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