Commit 24d0f694 authored by Christian Kamm's avatar Christian Kamm
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QmlJS: Remove unused functions from Snapshot.

Reviewed-by: Erik Verbruggen
parent aa4d7417
......@@ -371,47 +371,6 @@ Document::Ptr Snapshot::documentFromSource(const QString &code,
return newDoc;
QList<Document::Ptr> Snapshot::importedDocuments(const Document::Ptr &doc, const QString &importPath) const
// ### TODO: maybe we should add all imported documents in the parse Document::parse() method, regardless of whether they're in the path or not.
QList<Document::Ptr> result;
QString docPath = doc->path();
docPath += QLatin1Char('/');
docPath += importPath;
docPath = QDir::cleanPath(docPath);
foreach (Document::Ptr candidate, _documents) {
if (candidate == doc)
continue; // ignore this document
else if (candidate->isJSDocument())
continue; // skip JS documents
if (candidate->path() == doc->path() || candidate->path() == docPath)
return result;
QMap<QString, Document::Ptr> Snapshot::componentsDefinedByImportedDocuments(const Document::Ptr &doc, const QString &importPath) const
QMap<QString, Document::Ptr> result;
const QString docPath = doc->path() + '/' + importPath;
foreach (Document::Ptr candidate, *this) {
if (candidate == doc)
if (candidate->path() == doc->path() || candidate->path() == docPath)
result.insert(candidate->componentName(), candidate);
return result;
Document::Ptr Snapshot::document(const QString &fileName) const
return _documents.value(QDir::cleanPath(fileName));
......@@ -169,9 +169,6 @@ public:
Document::Ptr documentFromSource(const QString &code,
const QString &fileName) const;
QList<Document::Ptr> importedDocuments(const Document::Ptr &doc, const QString &importPath) const;
QMap<QString, Document::Ptr> componentsDefinedByImportedDocuments(const Document::Ptr &doc, const QString &importPath) const;
} // end of namespace Qml
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