Commit 293b49ae authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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......@@ -1483,20 +1483,19 @@ void DebuggerManager::showQtDumperLibraryWarning(const QString &details)
QMessageBox dialog(mainWindow());
QPushButton *qtPref = dialog.addButton(tr("Open Qt preferences"),
QPushButton *helperOff = dialog.addButton(tr("Turn helper usage off"),
QPushButton *helperOff = dialog.addButton(tr("Turn off helper usage"),
QPushButton *justContinue = dialog.addButton(tr("Continue anyway"),
dialog.setWindowTitle(tr("Debugging helper missing"));
dialog.setText(tr("The debugger did not find the debugging helper library."));
dialog.setText(tr("The debugger could not load the debugging helper library."));
"The debugging helper is used to nicely format the values of some Qt "
"and Standard Library data types. "
"It must be compiled for each Qt version which "
"you can do in the Qt preferences page by selecting "
"a Qt installation and clicking on 'Rebuild' for the debugging "
"It must be compiled for each used Qt version separately. "
"This can be done in the Qt preferences page by selecting a Qt installation "
"and clicking on 'Rebuild' in the 'Debugging Helper' row."));
if (!details.isEmpty())
......@@ -3785,7 +3785,7 @@ void GdbEngine::tryLoadDebuggingHelpers()
const QFileInfo fi(lib);
if (!fi.exists()) {
const QString loc = locations.join(QLatin1String(", "));
const QString msg = tr("The dumper library was not found at %1.").arg(loc);
const QString msg = tr("The debugging helper library was not found at %1.").arg(loc);
......@@ -755,7 +755,7 @@ void QtDumperHelper::clear()
QString QtDumperHelper::msgDumperOutdated(double requiredVersion, double currentVersion)
return QCoreApplication::translate("QtDumperHelper",
"Found a too-old version of the debugging helper library (%1); version %2 is required.").
"Found an outdated version of the debugging helper library (%1); version %2 is required.").
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