Commit 2b57a1af authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger

Squish: Fix handling of context menu on OSX

Change-Id: I6f5d50eca0199826e8af0f11016a1dfeb924f046
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent 1f1a9e58
......@@ -345,17 +345,17 @@ def invokeContextMenuItem(editorArea, command1, command2 = None):
ctxtMenu = openContextMenuOnTextCursorPosition(editorArea)
if platform.system() == 'Darwin':
activateItem(ctxtMenu, command1)
item1 = waitForObjectItem(ctxtMenu, command1)
subMenu =
# subMenu could have been triggered by hovering, but closed again by clicking
if subMenu and not subMenu.visible:
if command2:
activateItem(subMenu, command2)
activateItem(waitForObjectItem(objectMap.realName(ctxtMenu), command1, 2000))
if command2:
# Hack for Squish 5.0.1 handling menus of Qt5.2 on Mac (avoids crash) - remove asap
if platform.system() == 'Darwin':
for obj in object.topLevelObjects():
if className(obj) == 'QMenu' and obj.visible and not obj == ctxtMenu:
activateItem(obj, command2)
if command2:
activateItem(waitForObjectItem("{title='%s' type='QMenu' visible='1' window=%s}"
% (command1, objectMap.realName(ctxtMenu)), command2, 2000))
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