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Add notes about deployment to generic linux devices

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When you run the application, \QC copies the necessary files to the device
and starts the application on it.
For example, adding
target.path = /root
INSTALLS += target
to the project .pro file will copy the binary of your project to \c /root
on the remote device. Additional files can be deployed by adding them to
further targets and adding those to \c INSTALLS as well.
\section1 Deploying on Embedded Linux
\image qtcreator-embedded-linux-deployment.png "Deploy to embedded Linux"
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The \gui {Deploy tarball via SFTP upload} step specifies that \QC
uploads the tarball to the device and extracts it.
\note If the SFTP upload fails, make sure that the remote device has
SFTP enabled in its SSH daemon. Some versions of Dropbear that come
without SFTP support will crash when an SFTP upload is being attempted.
This is not a bug in \QC.
\section1 Deploying on MeeGo Harmattan and Maemo 5
You can use desktop files to display icons on the home screen of the
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