Commit 2b7dae1b authored by Takao Fujiwara's avatar Takao Fujiwara Committed by hjk

Delete QEvent::InputMethod handling in FakeVimHandler::eventFilter()

The head keys handling is not needed because IBusEngineSimple handles
compose keys.
Also the length of QInputMethodEvent.commitString() is not one and
prevent users from auto-complettions.

Change-Id: Ieb0022add243829340797954e7d48ca71af2c249
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 1502ea10
......@@ -8518,21 +8518,6 @@ bool FakeVimHandler::eventFilter(QObject *ob, QEvent *ev)
return false;
if (ev->type() == QEvent::InputMethod && ob == d->editor()) {
// This handles simple dead keys. The sequence of events is
// KeyRelease-InputMethod-KeyRelease for dead keys instead of
// KeyPress-KeyRelease as for simple keys. As vi acts on key presses,
// we have to act on the InputMethod event.
// FIXME: A first approximation working for e.g. ^ on a German keyboard
QInputMethodEvent *imev = static_cast<QInputMethodEvent *>(ev);
KEY_DEBUG("INPUTMETHOD" << imev->commitString() << imev->preeditString());
QString commitString = imev->commitString();
int key = commitString.size() == 1 ? : 0;
QKeyEvent kev(QEvent::KeyPress, key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers(), commitString);
EventResult res = d->handleEvent(&kev);
return res == EventHandled || res == EventCancelled;
if (ev->type() == QEvent::KeyPress &&
(ob == d->editor()
|| (Private::g.mode == ExMode || Private::g.subsubmode == SearchSubSubMode))) {
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