Commit 2c3fe560 authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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tr()-Fixes: Fix spelling errors in text editor settings.

"Occurrences", "parentheses", "applied to".

Change-Id: I48d3d4e6c10e29888f4f2ee6dfbe02b0b0c5646b
Reviewed-by: default avatarDavid Schulz <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarLeandro Melo <>
parent 6e1ac1aa
......@@ -4070,7 +4070,7 @@ void BaseTextEditorWidget::updateHighlights()
} else {
// use 0-timer, not direct call, to give the syntax highlighter a chance
// to update the parantheses information
// to update the parentheses information
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ TextEditorSettings::TextEditorSettings(QObject *parent)
// Add font preference page
FormatDescriptions formatDescr;
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_TEXT, tr("Text"), tr("Generic text.\nApplied for "
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_TEXT, tr("Text"), tr("Generic text.\nApplied to "
"text, if no other "
"rules matching.")));
......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ TextEditorSettings::TextEditorSettings(QObject *parent)
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_SEARCH_SCOPE, tr("Search Scope"),
tr("Section where the pattern is searched in.")));
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_PARENTHESES, tr("Parentheses"),
tr("Displayed when matching parantheses, square brackets "
tr("Displayed when matching parentheses, square brackets "
"or curly brackets are found.")));
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_CURRENT_LINE, tr("Current Line"),
tr("Line where the cursor is placed in.")));
......@@ -145,12 +145,12 @@ TextEditorSettings::TextEditorSettings(QObject *parent)
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_OCCURRENCES, tr("Occurrences"),
tr("Occurences of the symbol under the cursor.\n"
"(Only the backgroud will be applied.)")));
tr("Occurrences of the symbol under the cursor.\n"
"(Only the background will be applied.)")));
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_OCCURRENCES_UNUSED, tr("Unused Occurrence"),
tr("Occurences of unused variables.")));
tr("Occurrences of unused variables.")));
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_OCCURRENCES_RENAME, tr("Renaming Occurrence"),
tr("Occurences of a symbol that will be renamed.")));
tr("Occurrences of a symbol that will be renamed.")));
// Standard categories
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_NUMBER, tr("Number"), tr("Number literal."),
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ TextEditorSettings::TextEditorSettings(QObject *parent)
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_FIELD, tr("Field"),
tr("Class' data members."), Qt::darkRed));
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_ENUMERATION, tr("Enumeration"),
tr("Applied for Enumeration Items."), Qt::darkMagenta));
tr("Applied to Enumeration Items."), Qt::darkMagenta));
Format functionFormat;
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_FUNCTION, tr("Function"), tr("Name of a function."),
......@@ -238,17 +238,17 @@ TextEditorSettings::TextEditorSettings(QObject *parent)
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_DOXYGEN_TAG, tr("Doxygen Tag"), tr("Doxygen tags"),
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_VISUAL_WHITESPACE, tr("Visual Whitespace"),
tr("Whitespace\nWill not be applied for whitespace "
tr("Whitespace\nWill not be applied to whitespace "
"in comments and strings."), Qt::lightGray));
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_DISABLED_CODE, tr("Disabled Code"),
tr("Code disabled by preprocessor directives.")));
// Diff categories
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_ADDED_LINE, tr("Added Line"),
tr("Applied for added lines in differences "
tr("Applied to added lines in differences "
"(in diff editor)."), QColor(0, 170, 0)));
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_REMOVED_LINE, tr("Removed Line"),
tr("Applied for removed lines "
tr("Applied to removed lines "
"in differences (in diff editor)."), Qt::red));
formatDescr.append(FormatDescription(C_DIFF_FILE, tr("Diff File"),
tr("Compared files (in diff editor)."), Qt::darkBlue));
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