Commit 2c74d01e authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Fixed 'make docs' lauching of qhelpgenerator

It assumed qhelpgenerator was in the path, though this isn't necessarily
the case. Use the absolute directory instead.
parent ef05697f
unix {
QDOC = SRCDIR=$$PWD OUTDIR=$$OUT_PWD/doc/html $$(QTDIR)/tools/qdoc3/qdoc3
HELPGENERATOR = qhelpgenerator
HELPGENERATOR = $$(QTDIR)/bin/qhelpgenerator
} else {
QDOC = $$(QTDIR)\tools\qdoc3\release\qdoc3.exe
HELPGENERATOR = qhelpgenerator
HELPGENERATOR = $$(QTDIR)\bin\qhelpgenerator.exe
QHP_FILE = $$OUT_PWD/doc/html/qtcreator.qhp
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