Commit 2d80383d authored by Pawel Polanski's avatar Pawel Polanski Committed by Tobias Hunger

Now it's looking better

Change-Id: Ic6cbc95feb121f09eb2e14c08a9ab680018dc760
Reviewed-on: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent cbc51121
......@@ -839,7 +839,7 @@ void Qt4BuildConfiguration::importFromBuildDirectory()
// Adjust command line arguments, this is ugly as hell
// If we are switching to BuildAll we want "release" in there and no "debug"
// or "debug" in there and no "release"
// If we are switching to not BuildAl we want neither "release" nor "debug" in there
// If we are switching to not BuildAll we want neither "release" nor "debug" in there
bool debug = qmakeBuildConfig & BaseQtVersion::DebugBuild;
bool haveTag = !(qmakeBuildConfig & BaseQtVersion::BuildAll);
QString makeCmdArguments = makeStep()->userArguments();
......@@ -871,4 +871,3 @@ BuildConfiguration::BuildType Qt4BuildConfiguration::buildType() const
return Release;
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