Commit 2dda23da authored by dt's avatar dt
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Fixes: Bug in the detection wheter the executable on windows is.

Task:     Found on irc by ferret_svk
Details:  Even if CONFIG is debug_and_release we are interested wheter
          debug or release is the default.
parent df56b106
......@@ -306,14 +306,10 @@ QString Qt4RunConfiguration::qmakeBuildConfigFromBuildConfiguration(const QStrin
QVariant qmakeBuildConfiguration = qs->value(buildConfigurationName, "buildConfiguration");
if (qmakeBuildConfiguration.isValid()) {
QtVersion::QmakeBuildConfig projectBuildConfiguration = QtVersion::QmakeBuildConfig(qmakeBuildConfiguration.toInt());
if (projectBuildConfiguration & QtVersion::BuildAll) {
if (projectBuildConfiguration & QtVersion::DebugBuild)
return "debug";
return "release";
} else {
return "";
} else {
// Old sytle always CONFIG+=debug_and_release
if (qobject_cast<Qt4Project *>(project())->qtVersion(buildConfigurationName)->defaultBuildConfig() & QtVersion::DebugBuild)
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