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Doc: deploying CMake Projects to embedded Linux devices

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For more information about known issues for the current version, see
\l{Known Issues}.
\section1 Deploying CMake Projects to Embedded Linux Devices
\QC cannot extract files to be installed from a CMake project, and
therefore, only executable targets are automatically added to deployment
files. You must specify all other files in the \c QtCreatorDeployment.txt
file that you create and place in the root directory of the CMake project.
Use the following syntax in the file:
\li \c{<deployment/prefix>} is the (absolute) path prefix to where files
are copied on the remote machine.
\li \c{<relative/source/file>} is the file path relative to the CMake
project root. No directories or wildcards are allowed in this
\li \c{<relative/destination/dir>} is the destination directory path
relative to \c{deployment/prefix}.
To automate the creation of \c QtCreatorDeployment.txt file:
\list 1
\li Define the following macros in the top level \c CMakeLists.txt file:
file(WRITE "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/QtCreatorDeployment.txt" "<deployment/prefix>\n")
macro(add_deployment_file SRC DEST)
file(APPEND "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/QtCreatorDeployment.txt" "${path}/${SRC}:${DEST}\n")
macro(add_deployment_directory SRC DEST)
foreach(filename ${files})
get_filename_component(path ${filename} PATH)
add_deployment_file("${filename}" "${DEST}/${path}")
\li Use \c {add_deployment_file(<file/name>)} to add files and
\c {add_deployment_directory(<folder/name>)} to add directories
(including subdirectories) to the \c QtCreatorDeployment.txt file.
\li Re-run \c cmake after you add or remove files using the macros.
\section1 Adding External Libraries to CMake Projects
Through external libraries, \QC can support code completion and syntax
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