Commit 307526da authored by Fawzi Mohamed's avatar Fawzi Mohamed
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Revert "qmljs: fix compilation for Qt4"

moving original patch to master

This reverts commit c5b6e6ae1c60cb5692deef0db4c3dfbcf0859a1d

Change-Id: I84153a3aaf3ab5ca670ed62aa62babce5bbd51e9
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent b1d5169b
......@@ -1361,9 +1361,7 @@ ModelManagerInterface::ProjectInfo ModelManagerInterface::defaultProjectInfo() c
ProjectInfo res;
res.qtImportsPath = QLibraryInfo::location(QLibraryInfo::ImportsPath);
res.qtQmlPath = QLibraryInfo::location(QLibraryInfo::Qml2ImportsPath);
return res;
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