Commit 30dde7d6 authored by Andreas Holzammer's avatar Andreas Holzammer

Fix extraSelections call

extraSelections is a local variable as well as a member
function of BaseTextEditorWidget, but if the full
qualified name is used the compiler thinks that this
is a static function call, which happens with the
MSVC 2010. Use the this pointer to use the correct

Change-Id: I44ce96b2c17e7259274f2103ce70ae9b2ae3a56b
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 3237a516
......@@ -5206,7 +5206,7 @@ void BaseTextEditorWidget::_q_matchParentheses()
if (animatePosition >= 0) {
foreach (const QTextEdit::ExtraSelection &sel, BaseTextEditorWidget::extraSelections(ParenthesesMatchingSelection)) {
foreach (const QTextEdit::ExtraSelection &sel, this->extraSelections(ParenthesesMatchingSelection)) {
if (sel.cursor.selectionStart() == animatePosition
|| sel.cursor.selectionEnd() - 1 == animatePosition) {
animatePosition = -1;
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