Commit 317a8971 authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger

Fix icon path for function in keyword completion

Change-Id: I7e26e625831131994e013fd63356c75f0b20d7ae
Reviewed-by: Alessandro Portale's avatarAlessandro Portale <>
Reviewed-by: Eike Ziller's avatarEike Ziller <>
parent e52863e6
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ int KeywordsFunctionHintModel::activeArgument(const QString &prefix) const
KeywordsCompletionAssistProcessor::KeywordsCompletionAssistProcessor(Keywords keywords)
: m_startPosition(-1)
, m_variableIcon(QLatin1String(":/codemodel/images/keyword.png"))
, m_functionIcon(QLatin1String(":/codemodel/images/func.png"))
, m_functionIcon(QLatin1String(":/codemodel/images/member.png"))
, m_keywords(keywords)
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