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Doc: Editing info on Perforce

Converting a table to text to be able to describe the related
options next to the functions.

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Perforce is a fast software configuration management system developed by
Perforce Software.
\section1 Configuring Perforce
When you start \QC, it looks for the executable specified
in the \uicontrol{P4 command} field in \uicontrol{Tools > Options > Version
Control > Perforce}. If the file is not found, the following error
......@@ -54,31 +56,34 @@
deselect the \uicontrol Load check box for the \uicontrol Perforce plugin in
the \uicontrol {Version Control} group.
\section1 Using Additional Perforce Functions
In the Perforce options, you can specify workspace details:
\uicontrol {P4 user}, \uicontrol {P4 client}, and \uicontrol {P4 port}. To
specify the details individually for several projects, use configuration
files instead. Create a \c {p4config.txt} configuration file for each
project in the top level project directory.
The \uicontrol Perforce submenu contains the following additional items:
\section1 Editing Files
In addition to the standard version control system functions described in
\l {Using Common Functions}, you can select \uicontrol Tools >
\uicontrol Perforce > \uicontrol {Edit File} to open a file for editing
within the client workspace. By default, files are automatically opened for
editing. To disable this feature, select \uicontrol Tools >
\uicontrol Options > \uicontrol {Version Control} > \uicontrol Perforce,
and then deselect the \uicontrol {Automatically open files when editing}
check box.
To list files that are open for editing, select \uicontrol Tools >
\uicontrol Perforce > \uicontrol Opened.
To group files for commit, select \uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Perforce >
\uicontrol {Pending Changes}.
To view information about changelists and the files in them, select
\uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Perforce > \uicontrol Describe.
\li Menu Item
\li Description
\li \uicontrol{Describe}
\li View information about changelists and the files in them.
\li \uicontrol{Edit File}
\li Open a file for editing.
\li \uicontrol{Opened}
\li List files that are open for editing.
\li \uicontrol{Pending Changes}
\li Group files for commit.
By default, you are prompted to confirm that you want to submit changes.
To suppress the prompt, select \uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Options >
\uicontrol {Version Control} > \uicontrol Perforce, and then deselect the
\uicontrol {Prompt on submit} check box.
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