Commit 31b2ac85 authored by hjk's avatar hjk

Debugger: Split CdbCommand into CdbCommand and CdbResponse

Move it closer to the GDB/LLDB setup.

Change-Id: Ifcada93ba9abff56c5523963c3ef9382277387e2
Reviewed-by: default avatarDavid Schulz <>
parent 14a02d50
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......@@ -49,7 +49,8 @@ namespace Debugger {
namespace Internal {
class DisassemblerAgent;
struct CdbCommand;
class CdbCommand;
class CdbResponse;
struct MemoryViewCookie;
class ByteArrayInputStream;
class GdbMi;
......@@ -70,7 +71,7 @@ public:
typedef QSharedPointer<CdbCommand> CdbCommandPtr;
typedef std::function<void(const CdbCommandPtr &)> CommandHandler;
typedef std::function<void(const CdbResponse &)> CommandHandler;
CdbEngine(const DebuggerStartParameters &sp);
......@@ -216,34 +217,34 @@ private:
void postResolveSymbol(const QString &module, const QString &function,
DisassemblerAgent *agent);
// Builtin commands
void dummyHandler(const CdbCommandPtr &);
void handleStackTrace(const CdbCommandPtr &);
void handleRegisters(const CdbCommandPtr &);
void handleDisassembler(const CdbCommandPtr &, DisassemblerAgent *agent);
void handleJumpToLineAddressResolution(const CdbCommandPtr &, const ContextData &context);
void handleExpression(const CdbCommandPtr &command, BreakpointModelId id, const GdbMi &stopReason);
void handleResolveSymbol(const CdbCommandPtr &command, const QString &symbol, DisassemblerAgent *agent);
void dummyHandler(const CdbResponse &);
void handleStackTrace(const CdbResponse &);
void handleRegisters(const CdbResponse &);
void handleDisassembler(const CdbResponse &, DisassemblerAgent *agent);
void handleJumpToLineAddressResolution(const CdbResponse &response, const ContextData &context);
void handleExpression(const CdbResponse &command, BreakpointModelId id, const GdbMi &stopReason);
void handleResolveSymbol(const CdbResponse &command, const QString &symbol, DisassemblerAgent *agent);
void handleResolveSymbolHelper(const QList<quint64> &addresses, DisassemblerAgent *agent);
void handleBreakInsert(const CdbCommandPtr &cmd);
void handleCheckWow64(const CdbCommandPtr &cmd, const GdbMi &stack);
void ensureUsing32BitStackInWow64(const CdbCommandPtr &cmd, const GdbMi &stack);
void handleSwitchWow64Stack(const CdbCommandPtr &cmd);
void handleBreakInsert(const CdbResponse &response);
void handleCheckWow64(const CdbResponse &response, const GdbMi &stack);
void ensureUsing32BitStackInWow64(const CdbResponse &response, const GdbMi &stack);
void handleSwitchWow64Stack(const CdbResponse &response);
void jumpToAddress(quint64 address);
void handleCreateFullBackTrace(const CdbCommandPtr &cmd);
void handleCreateFullBackTrace(const CdbResponse &response);
// Extension commands
void handleThreads(const CdbCommandPtr &);
void handlePid(const CdbCommandPtr &reply);
void handleLocals(const CdbCommandPtr &reply, bool newFrame);
void handleAddWatch(const CdbCommandPtr &reply, WatchData item);
void handleExpandLocals(const CdbCommandPtr &reply);
void handleRegistersExt(const CdbCommandPtr &reply);
void handleModules(const CdbCommandPtr &reply);
void handleMemory(const CdbCommandPtr &, const MemoryViewCookie &memViewCookie);
void handleWidgetAt(const CdbCommandPtr &);
void handleBreakPoints(const CdbCommandPtr &);
void handleThreads(const CdbResponse &response);
void handlePid(const CdbResponse &response);
void handleLocals(const CdbResponse &response, bool newFrame);
void handleAddWatch(const CdbResponse &response, WatchData item);
void handleExpandLocals(const CdbResponse &response);
void handleRegistersExt(const CdbResponse &response);
void handleModules(const CdbResponse &response);
void handleMemory(const CdbResponse &response, const MemoryViewCookie &memViewCookie);
void handleWidgetAt(const CdbResponse &response);
void handleBreakPoints(const CdbResponse &response);
void handleBreakPoints(const GdbMi &value);
void handleAdditionalQmlStack(const CdbCommandPtr &);
void handleAdditionalQmlStack(const CdbResponse &response);
NormalizedSourceFileName sourceMapNormalizeFileNameFromDebugger(const QString &f);
void updateLocalVariable(const QByteArray &iname);
void updateLocals(bool forNewStackFrame);
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