Commit 3236678c authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Fixed resetting of block highlighting when leaving the extra area

When the block highlighting was enabled, it would still get removed when
the mouse left the extra area. Now it changes back to the text cursor

Done with mae.
parent 0c0cacb7
......@@ -2722,7 +2722,12 @@ void BaseTextEditor::extraAreaMouseEvent(QMouseEvent *e)
|| !TextBlockUserData::hasClosingCollapse(cursor.block().next()))
d->extraAreaHighlightCollapseColumn = cursor.block().next().length()-1;
} else if (d->m_displaySettings.m_highlightBlocks) {
QTextCursor cursor = textCursor();
d->extraAreaHighlightCollapseBlockNumber = cursor.blockNumber();
d->extraAreaHighlightCollapseColumn = cursor.position() - cursor.block().position();
if (highlightBlockNumber != d->extraAreaHighlightCollapseBlockNumber
|| highlightColumn != d->extraAreaHighlightCollapseColumn)
d->m_highlightBlocksTimer->start(d->m_highlightBlocksInfo.isEmpty() ? 40 : 10);
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