Commit 329e0e58 authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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Fix maemo toolchain handling

Upgrade Maemo toolchains to normal gcc ones.

Change-Id: I30b1ec42b42de728efa81ef2e54d75d0e4afd565
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Teske <>
parent d35e3aa0
......@@ -63,6 +63,8 @@ static const char compilerCommandKeyC[] = "ProjectExplorer.GccToolChain.Path";
static const char targetAbiKeyC[] = "ProjectExplorer.GccToolChain.TargetAbi";
static const char supportedAbisKeyC[] = "ProjectExplorer.GccToolChain.SupportedAbis";
static const char LEGACY_MAEMO_ID[] = "Qt4ProjectManager.ToolChain.Maemo:";
static QByteArray runGcc(const Utils::FileName &gcc, const QStringList &arguments, const QStringList &env)
if (gcc.isEmpty() || !gcc.toFileInfo().isExecutable())
......@@ -602,13 +604,23 @@ QList<ToolChain *> Internal::GccToolChainFactory::autoDetect()
// Used by the ToolChainManager to restore user-generated tool chains
bool Internal::GccToolChainFactory::canRestore(const QVariantMap &data)
return idFromMap(data).startsWith(QLatin1String(Constants::GCC_TOOLCHAIN_ID) + QLatin1Char(':'));
const QString id = idFromMap(data);
return id.startsWith(QLatin1String(Constants::GCC_TOOLCHAIN_ID) + QLatin1Char(':'))
|| id.startsWith(QLatin1String(LEGACY_MAEMO_ID));
ToolChain *Internal::GccToolChainFactory::restore(const QVariantMap &data)
GccToolChain *tc = new GccToolChain(false);
if (tc->fromMap(data))
// Updating from 2.5:
QVariantMap updated = data;
QString id = idFromMap(updated);
if (id.startsWith(LEGACY_MAEMO_ID)) {
id = QString::fromLatin1(Constants::GCC_TOOLCHAIN_ID).append(id.mid(id.indexOf(QLatin1Char(':'))));
idToMap(updated, id);
autoDetectionToMap(updated, false);
if (tc->fromMap(updated))
return tc;
delete tc;
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