Commit 33d1a8c3 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger
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Fix support for data tags

Functions defined within the declaration or inside a namespace had
no qualified name stored by the visitor.
This lead to ignoring them when creating the respective TestTreeItem.

Change-Id: Id57c0c492a0cba460aa2d47dc7283bb1ac6e4aa6
Reviewed-by: default avatarNikolai Kosjar <>
parent 11a3479b
......@@ -177,15 +177,14 @@ bool TestDataFunctionVisitor::visit(CPlusPlus::FunctionDefinitionAST *ast)
if (ast->declarator) {
CPlusPlus::DeclaratorIdAST *id = ast->declarator->core_declarator->asDeclaratorId();
if (!id)
if (!id || !ast->symbol || ast->symbol->argumentCount() != 0)
return false;
const QString prettyName = m_overview.prettyName(id->name->name);
CPlusPlus::LookupContext lc;
const QString prettyName = m_overview.prettyName(lc.fullyQualifiedName(ast->symbol));
// do not handle functions that aren't real test data functions
if (!prettyName.endsWith(QLatin1String("_data")) || !ast->symbol
|| ast->symbol->argumentCount() != 0) {
if (!prettyName.endsWith(QLatin1String("_data")))
return false;
m_currentFunction = prettyName.left(prettyName.size() - 5);
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