Commit 363e6a2a authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann
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Wizards: fixing requirements for QtQuick Application Wizard

We also want to still support Qt Quick 1.0

Change-Id: I2f0923034e30f94ac84f50618a0819895318a6ba
Reviewed-by: default avatarAlessandro Portale <>
parent aa114a23
......@@ -141,13 +141,13 @@ void QtQuickAppWizard::createInstances(ExtensionSystem::IPlugin *plugin)
"both QML and C++ code and includes a QDeclarativeView.\n\n");
Core::FeatureSet basicFeatures;
basicFeatures = Core::Feature(QtSupport::Constants::FEATURE_QT_QUICK_1_1);
basicFeatures = Core::Feature(QtSupport::Constants::FEATURE_QT_QUICK_1);
parameter = base;
parameter.setDisplayName(tr("Qt Quick Application (Built-in elements)"));
parameter.setDescription(basicDescription + tr("The built-in elements in the QtQuick namespace allow "
"you to write cross-platform applications with "
"a custom look and feel.\n\nRequires <b>Qt 4.7.4</b> or newer."));
"a custom look and feel.\n\nRequires <b>Qt 4.7.0</b> or newer."));
list << parameter;
......@@ -158,7 +158,8 @@ void QtQuickAppWizard::createInstances(ExtensionSystem::IPlugin *plugin)
"native appearance for the Symbian platform.\n\nRequires "
"<b>Qt 4.7.4</b> or newer, and the component set installed for "
"your Qt version."));
parameter.setRequiredFeatures(basicFeatures | Core::Feature(QtSupport::Constants::FEATURE_QTQUICK_COMPONENTS_SYMBIAN));
parameter.setRequiredFeatures(basicFeatures | Core::Feature(QtSupport::Constants::FEATURE_QTQUICK_COMPONENTS_SYMBIAN)
| QtSupport::Constants::FEATURE_QT_QUICK_1_1);
list << parameter;
parameter = base;
......@@ -168,7 +169,8 @@ void QtQuickAppWizard::createInstances(ExtensionSystem::IPlugin *plugin)
"with specific native appearance for the MeeGo/Harmattan "
"platform.\n\nRequires <b>Qt 4.7.4</b> or newer, and the "
"component set installed for your Qt version."));
parameter.setRequiredFeatures(basicFeatures | Core::Feature(QtSupport::Constants::FEATURE_QTQUICK_COMPONENTS_MEEGO));
parameter.setRequiredFeatures(basicFeatures | Core::Feature(QtSupport::Constants::FEATURE_QTQUICK_COMPONENTS_MEEGO)
| QtSupport::Constants::FEATURE_QT_QUICK_1_1);
list << parameter;
parameter = base;
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