Commit 37076b33 authored by Kai Koehne's avatar Kai Koehne
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QmlDebug: Fix handling of QML stack trace locations on Windows

Remove leading slash.
parent 41a55864
......@@ -762,11 +762,12 @@ QString QmlEngine::toFileInProject(const QString &fileUrl)
if (fileUrl.isEmpty())
return fileUrl;
const QString path = QUrl(fileUrl).path();
const QString path = QUrl(fileUrl).toLocalFile();
if (path.isEmpty())
return fileUrl;
// Try to find shadow-build file in source dir first
if (!QUrl(fileUrl).toLocalFile().isEmpty()
&& isShadowBuildProject()) {
if (isShadowBuildProject()) {
const QString sourcePath = fromShadowBuildFilename(path);
if (QFileInfo(sourcePath).exists())
return sourcePath;
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