Commit 37bd3eab authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Debugger: Visually fake instant breakpoint removal

This partially reverts 38ec4dd6

After using the new, "correct" behavior for some time I am
convinced that the original felt indeed better.

Change-Id: Ia921ccf8410bec33eb3053dc91bcca7b0328ef38
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 592ffe73
......@@ -2593,14 +2593,6 @@ void GdbEngine::handleBreakInsert2(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint
void GdbEngine::handleBreakDelete(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint bp)
if (response.resultClass == ResultDone)
void GdbEngine::handleBreakDisable(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint bp)
QTC_CHECK(response.resultClass == ResultDone);
......@@ -2882,8 +2874,14 @@ void GdbEngine::removeBreakpoint(Breakpoint bp)
showMessage(_("DELETING BP %1 IN %2").arg(;
postCommand("-break-delete " +,
NeedsStop | RebuildBreakpointModel,
[this, bp](const DebuggerResponse &r) { handleBreakDelete(r, bp); });
NeedsStop | RebuildBreakpointModel);
// Pretend it succeeds without waiting for response. Feels better.
// Otherwise, clicking in the gutter leaves the breakpoint visible
// for quite some time, so the user assumes a mis-click and clicks
// again, effectivly re-introducing the breakpoint.
} else {
// Breakpoint was scheduled to be inserted, but we haven't had
// an answer so far. Postpone activity by doing nothing.
......@@ -287,7 +287,6 @@ private: ////////// View & Data Stuff //////////
void handleBreakEnable(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint bp);
void handleBreakInsert1(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint bp);
void handleBreakInsert2(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint bp);
void handleBreakDelete(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint bp);
void handleBreakCondition(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint bp);
void handleBreakThreadSpec(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint bp);
void handleBreakLineNumber(const DebuggerResponse &response, Breakpoint bp);
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