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Doc - Add information about using msysGit on Windows.

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resolution, select \gui{Embedded Design}.
To switch between forms and code, use \key Shift+F4.
For more information on \QD, see
\l{}{Qt Designer Manual}.
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that everything works (for example, use the status command). If no issues arise,
you should be ready to use the system also from Qt Creator.
\section2 Using msysGit on Windows
If you configure Git for use with \c {git bash}, only, and use SSH
authorization, Git looks for the SSH keys in the directory where the
\c HOME environment points to. The variable is always set by \c {git bash}.
However, the variable is typically not set in a Windows command prompt.
When you run Git from a Windows command prompt, it looks for the SSH keys in its
installation directory, and therefore, the authorization fails.
You can set the \c HOME environment variable from Qt Creator. Select \gui {Tools >
Options... > Version Control > Git}. Select the \gui {Environment Variables}
and the \gui {Set "HOME" environment variable} check boxes. \c HOME is set to
\c %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% when the Git executable is run and authorization works
as it would with \c {git bash}.
\section1 Setting Up Common Options
Select \gui{Tools} > \gui{Options...} > \gui{Version Control} > \gui{Common}
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