Commit 38d3ddcd authored by Bill King's avatar Bill King
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Autotests: change to make tests run in-place

This change sets the path temporarily on win32 so that the testcases when
executed with "make check" find the necessary dll's in the main build directory.
parent 7962ca0b
CONFIG += qt warn_on console depend_includepath testcase qtestlib
......@@ -11,7 +12,12 @@ symbian:{
RSS_RULES ="group_name=\"QtTests\";"
# prefix test binary with tst_
!contains(TARGET, ^tst_.*):TARGET = $$join(TARGET,,"tst_")
win32 {
lib ~= s,/,\\,g
# the below gets added to later by testcase.prf
check.commands = cd . & set PATH=$$lib;%PATH%& cmd /c
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