Commit 397e6546 authored by hjk's avatar hjk

Debugger: Split debugger main window implementation

... into a plain Utils::FancyMainWindow object and the debugger
specific functionality in Debugger::MainWindow.

A step forward to share the Utils::FancyMainWindow with the
(Ex-)Analyzer MainWindow and towards merging Analyzer and
Debugger mode.

Change-Id: I50e89d9d615226cb9b9af1a653c7383468e40a93
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 302162e6
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......@@ -27,17 +27,10 @@
#include "debugger_global.h"
#include "debuggerconstants.h"
#include <utils/fancymainwindow.h>
namespace Core { class IMode; }
namespace Debugger {
namespace Internal {
class DebuggerMainWindowPrivate;
// DebuggerMainWindow dock widget names
const char DOCKWIDGET_BREAK[] = "Debugger.Docks.Break";
const char DOCKWIDGET_MODULES[] = "Debugger.Docks.Modules";
......@@ -50,42 +43,8 @@ const char DOCKWIDGET_THREADS[] = "Debugger.Docks.Threads";
const char DOCKWIDGET_WATCHERS[] = "Debugger.Docks.LocalsAndWatchers";
const char DOCKWIDGET_QML_INSPECTOR[] = "Debugger.Docks.QmlInspector";
const char DOCKWIDGET_DEFAULT_AREA[] = "Debugger.Docks.DefaultArea";
} // namespace Internal
class DEBUGGER_EXPORT DebuggerMainWindow : public Utils::FancyMainWindow
// Debugger toolbars are registered with this function.
void setToolBar(DebuggerLanguage language, QWidget *widget);
// Active languages to be debugged.
DebuggerLanguages activeDebugLanguages() const;
void setEngineDebugLanguages(DebuggerLanguages languages);
// Called when all dependent plugins have loaded.
void initialize();
void onModeChanged(Core::IMode *mode);
// Dockwidgets are registered to the main window.
QDockWidget *createDockWidget(const DebuggerLanguage &language, QWidget *widget);
void addStagedMenuEntries();
QWidget *createContents(Core::IMode *mode);
void readSettings();
void writeSettings() const;
friend class Internal::DebuggerMainWindowPrivate;
Internal::DebuggerMainWindowPrivate *d;
} // namespace Internal
} // namespace Debugger
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