Commit 39815bdd authored by ck's avatar ck
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Maemo: Remove QFlags workaround.

Thanks to commit dedea5ea,
QFlags' operator| works out of the box again.
parent dedea5ea
......@@ -62,10 +62,7 @@ MaemoRunConfigurationWidget::MaemoRunConfigurationWidget(
QFormLayout *mainLayout = new QFormLayout;
// TODO: Does not compile with the canonical form for some reason.
| Qt::AlignVCenter);
mainLayout->setFormAlignment(Qt::AlignLeft | Qt::AlignVCenter);
m_configNameLineEdit = new QLineEdit(m_runConfiguration->name());
mainLayout->addRow(tr("Run configuration name:"), m_configNameLineEdit);
QWidget *devConfWidget = new QWidget;
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