Commit 39fbb060 authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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Analysis mode: Suppress startup flicker.

Caused by QStackedWidget.
parent 07af4aa9
......@@ -205,9 +205,11 @@ void AnalyzerOutputPane::createWidgets(QWidget *paneParent)
m_paneWidget->setObjectName(objectName() + QLatin1String("Widget"));
m_paneStackedLayout->addWidget(new QLabel(tr("No current analysis tool")));
m_toolbarStackedWidget = new QStackedWidget;
m_toolBarSeparator = new Utils::StyledSeparator;
// Temporarily assign to (wrong) parent to suppress flicker in conjunction with QStackedWidget.
m_toolbarStackedWidget = new QStackedWidget(paneParent);
m_toolbarStackedWidget->setObjectName(objectName() + QLatin1String("ToolBarStackedWidget"));
m_toolBarSeparator = new Utils::StyledSeparator(paneParent);
m_toolBarSeparator->setObjectName(objectName() + QLatin1String("ToolBarSeparator"));
// Add adapters added before.
const int adapterCount = m_adapters.size();
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