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Doc: new Compiler options in Build & Run options

Describe the new platform codegen and linker flags options
and the custom parser settings.

Update and add screenshots.

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......@@ -83,6 +83,14 @@
\li In the \gui{Compiler path} field, enter the path to the directory
where the compiler is located.
\li In the \gui {Platform codegen flags} field, check the flags passed
to the compiler that specify the architecture on the target
\li In the \gui {Platform linker flags} field, check the flags passed to
the linker that specify the architecture on the target platform.
The linker flags are used only when building with Qbs.
The other settings to specify depend on the compiler.
......@@ -127,6 +135,31 @@
where mkspecs are located. Usually, the path is specified relative
to the Qt mkspecs directory.
\li In the \gui {Error parser} field, select the error parser to use.
Select \gui Custom, and then select \gui {Customer Parser Settings}
to specify settings for a custom parser:
\image qtcreator-custom-parser.png
\list 1
\li In the \gui {Error message capture pattern} field, specify
a regular expression to define what is an error. The custom
parser matches the compile output line by line against the
regular expression and displays errors in the \gui Issues
output pane. Create regular expression groups that contain
the file name, line number and error message.
\li In the \gui {Capture Positions} field, map the regular
expression groups to \gui {File name}, \gui {Line number},
and \gui Message.
\li In the \gui {Test} group, you can test how the message that
you enter in the \gui {Error message} field is matched when
using the current settings.
\section1 Troubleshooting MinGW Compilation Errors
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