Commit 3c0ae08e authored by Christiaan Janssen's avatar Christiaan Janssen
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QmlProfiler: unicode for mu

Change-Id: I33e2cb6557aeebbd8931ab6a22074da3008c07f9
Reviewed-by: default avatarFriedemann Kleint <>
parent 7524fff3
......@@ -518,7 +518,7 @@ void QmlProfilerEventsMainView::QmlProfilerEventsMainViewPrivate::buildV8ModelFr
QString QmlProfilerEventsMainView::displayTime(double time)
if (time < 1e6)
return QString::number(time/1e3,'f',3) + trUtf8(" \u03BCs");
return QString::number(time/1e3,'f',3) + trUtf8(" \xc2\xb5s");
if (time < 1e9)
return QString::number(time/1e6,'f',3) + tr(" ms");
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