Commit 3c7b1f4a authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: return the address of the output buffer from the dumpers

parent 6f56ad0a
......@@ -204,10 +204,10 @@ QT_END_NAMESPACE
// This can be mangled typenames of nested templates, each char-by-char
// comma-separated integer list...
char qDumpInBuffer[10000];
Q_DECL_EXPORT char qDumpInBuffer[10000];
// The output buffer.
char qDumpOutBuffer[100000];
Q_DECL_EXPORT char qDumpOutBuffer[100000];
namespace {
......@@ -2525,7 +2525,7 @@ static void handleProtocolVersion2and3(QDumper & d)
extern "C" Q_DECL_EXPORT
void qDumpObjectData440(
void *qDumpObjectData440(
int protocolVersion,
int token,
void *data,
......@@ -2630,4 +2630,5 @@ void qDumpObjectData440(
else {
qDebug() << "Unsupported protocol version" << protocolVersion;
return qDumpOutBuffer;
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