Commit 3c803897 authored by Maurice Kalinowski's avatar Maurice Kalinowski

winrt: Remove experimental flag

The plugin is in use since many years and can be considered stable these

Change-Id: Ia41b24849abd16e15313ab97f82d277673b3904b
Reviewed-by: Eike Ziller's avatarEike Ziller <>
parent 7fd4cf4a
......@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
\"Name\" : \"WinRt\",
\"Version\" : \"$$QTCREATOR_VERSION\",
\"CompatVersion\" : \"$$QTCREATOR_COMPAT_VERSION\",
\"Experimental\" : true,
\"Platform\" : \"Windows (8.1|10)\",
\"Vendor\" : \"The Qt Company Ltd\",
\"Copyright\" : \"(C) 2016 The Qt Company Ltd\",
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