Commit 3ceecf66 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fix linking

new header files gdbprocessbase needs to be listed in HEADERS
parent 8aa139ea
$$PWD/gdbprocessbase.h \
$$PWD/gdbmi.h \
$$PWD/gdbengine.h \
$$PWD/gdboptionspage.h \
......@@ -33,36 +33,6 @@
#define GdbCB(s) GdbCallback(this, &SymbianAdapter::s)
fetch-register p info registers
set-register P set
binary-download X load, set
read-aux-vector qXfer:auxv:read info auxv
symbol-lookup qSymbol Detecting multiple threads
attach vAttach attach
verbose-resume vCont Stepping or resuming multiple threads
run vRun run
software-breakpoint Z0 break
hardware-breakpoint Z1 hbreak
write-watchpoint Z2 watch
read-watchpoint Z3 rwatch
access-watchpoint Z4 awatch
target-features qXfer:features:read set architecture
library-info qXfer:libraries:read info sharedlibrary
memory-map qXfer:memory-map:read info mem
read-spu-object qXfer:spu:read info spu
write-spu-object qXfer:spu:write info spu
storage-address qGetTLSAddr Displaying __thread variables
supported-packets qSupported Remote communications parameters
pass-signals QPassSignals handle signal
hostio-close-packet vFile:close remote get, remote put
hostio-open-packet vFile:open remote get, remote put
hostio-pread-packet vFile:pread remote get, remote put
hostio-pwrite-packet vFile:pwrite remote get, remote put
hostio-unlink-packet vFile:unlink remote delete
using namespace trk;
enum { KnownRegisters = RegisterPSGdb + 1};
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