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Doc: add links to related sections

From the Parsing C++ Files topic.

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\list \list
\li Code completion \li \l{Completing Code}{Code completion}
\li Syntactic and semantic highlighting \li Syntactic and \l{Semantic Highlighting}{semantic highlighting}
\li Navigating in the code by using the locator, following symbols, and \li Navigating in the code by using the \l{Searching with the Locator}
so on {locator}, \l{Moving to Symbol Definition or Declaration}
{following symbols}, and so on
\li Inspecting code by using the class browser, the outline, and so on \li Inspecting code by using the \l{Browsing Project Contents}
{class browser}, the \l{Viewing QML Types}{outline}, and so on
\li Diagnostics and tooltips \li Diagnostics and \l{Viewing Function Tooltips}{tooltips}
\li Finding and renaming symbols \li \l{Finding Symbols}{Finding and renaming symbols}
\li Refactoring actions \li \l{Applying Refactoring Actions}{Refactoring actions}
\endlist \endlist
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