Commit 3d6f2642 authored by ck's avatar ck
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Maemo: Add newline before appending to project file.

Otherwise, if the project file does not already end in a newline,
we'd introduce syntax errors.
parent 362c41be
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ bool MaemoDeployableListModel::buildModel()
return false;
QString installsString
= QLatin1String("maemo5|maemo6 {\n target.path = ")
= QLatin1String("\nmaemo5|maemo6 {\n target.path = ")
+ remoteDir + QLatin1String("\n INSTALLS += target\n}\n");
if (!projectFile.write(installsString.toLocal8Bit())) {
qWarning("Error updating .pro file.");
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