Commit 3dbb1a92 authored by Povilas Kanapickas's avatar Povilas Kanapickas
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C++: Fix a typo in template declaration parser function

This is an obvious typo considering the checks at the beginning of the function.

Change-Id: I11b784153b650b02bba7bb942ca1131447a3da4a
Reviewed-by: default avatarErik Verbruggen <>
parent 06592b28
...@@ -1081,7 +1081,7 @@ bool Parser::parseTemplateDeclaration(DeclarationAST *&node) ...@@ -1081,7 +1081,7 @@ bool Parser::parseTemplateDeclaration(DeclarationAST *&node)
TemplateDeclarationAST *ast = new (_pool) TemplateDeclarationAST; TemplateDeclarationAST *ast = new (_pool) TemplateDeclarationAST;
if (LA() == T_EXPORT || LA() == T_EXPORT) if (LA() == T_EXPORT || LA() == T_EXTERN)
ast->export_token = consumeToken(); ast->export_token = consumeToken();
ast->template_token = consumeToken(); ast->template_token = consumeToken();
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