Commit 3e0061aa authored by Kai Koehne's avatar Kai Koehne

Revert "QmlJSEditor: Don't warn about failing dumps if dumper is from 2.1"

This reverts commit d40c15ab.
Was superseded by 284b0827 (QmlJS: Don't warn user about imports if static info is available).
parent 3e07024e
......@@ -164,17 +164,7 @@ void PluginDumper::qmlPluginTypeDumpDone(int exitCode)
Core::MessageManager *messageManager = Core::MessageManager::instance();
const QString errorMessages = process->readAllStandardError();
messageManager->printToOutputPane(qmldumpErrorMessage(libraryPath, errorMessages));
if (errorMessages.contains(QLatin1String("Usage: qmldump [plugin/import/path plugin.uri]"))) {
// outdated qmldump from 2.1.
// TODO: Show a warning that qmldump should be recompiled.
if (!libraryPath.isEmpty())
m_modelManager->updateLibraryInfo(libraryPath, libraryInfo);
} else {
libraryInfo.setDumpStatus(LibraryInfo::DumpError, qmldumpFailedMessage(errorMessages));
libraryInfo.setDumpStatus(LibraryInfo::DumpError, qmldumpFailedMessage(errorMessages));
const QByteArray output = process->readAllStandardOutput();
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